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Ornate pet urns in Townsville

If you’re choosing to have your pet cremated, we have an excellent range of urns available to store your pet's ashes. Following the cremation, we will return your pet’s ashes to you in your chosen urn.

We have a range of urns available

Pottery, Ceramic and Terra Cotta Urns

Our standard cremation service includes your pets ashes returned in either a pottery, ceramic and terra cotta urn. Included in the package are a personalised ‘Certificate of Cremation’ and a prayer for you to keep. To make your package really personal, you can provide us with a precious photo of your pet.

Brass and pewter urns

We also have a range of beautifully crafted brass and pewter urns available featuring a paw print design. These are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose the colour that you most associate with your pet.


We can source specialized pewter and bronze products to provide you "something different" to store the ashes in.

For more information about our urns, or to find out more about our cremation services, call our friendly and caring team today on  07 4751 3220 .

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