Pet Paw Prints and Fur Clipping

At Pet Heaven NQ, we specialise in offering a vast range of keepsakes to help our customers throughout Townsville to remember their pets. As well as our urns, portraits and jewellery, we also have a range of paw prints, moulds and fur clipping products so you can bring a sweet and lasting memory of your pet back to your home.  

Ink Paw Prints

We can create a memorial using your pets very own front paw prints using archival ink on either A5 or A4.  The A4 option has a frame included and we can also add a small fur clipping as an option.  We can add a colour picture of your pet as an option on the A5 print.

If you prefer we can use all four of your pet's paws too.

Fur clippings

We can clip a small lock of your cat or dog's fur for you to keep or display in your home. This is a wonderful way to maintain a physical connection with your pet after they have passed. We present this in a sealed plastic bag, enclosed in a small tent card with your pets name and photo on the front.

For more information about our paw prints and fur clippings, call our friendly team today on 07 4751 3220 .

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