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    Animal Funerals in Townsville

    We're passionate about helping people to celebrate the lives of their pets and remember them when they’re gone. That’s why we offer an excellent range of locally crafted products to give you a keepsake after your pet has passed on. This helps to keep your pet's presence in the home while you and your family mourn.

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    High-quality, locally crafted keepsakes

    We offer a comprehensive range of keepsakes to help your pet’s memory live on even when it’s gone. Whether you want a plaque or headstone to place on your pet’s grave in our cemetery, a portrait or urn to display at home or a piece of jewellery that you can wear every day, we’ll help to ensure that your pet is never forgotten – even if only in your home. 

    For more information about our excellent range of products, call our friendly team today on 07 4751 3220 .

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