Pet Burials Plaques and Headstones


Beautiful pet headstones in Townsville

One of the most thoughtful ways to memorialise a pet that was a friend to you for so many years is to give them a beautiful plaque or headstone. At Pet Heaven HQ, we are committed to helping you create a resting place for your pet that is completely in line with your wishes. 

You have the choice of customising your pet’s cemetery plot at our peaceful pet cemetery at Bluewater, or you can create your own memorial for your family garden at home. We collaborate with other Australian suppliers to bring you a range of cemetery or garden items to memorialise your pet respectfully. Take a look at our range of plaques, headstones and urns below and if you’d like more information, just give us a call.

For more information on our pet plaques and headstones, call our friendly team today on 07 4751 3220 .

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